Soul Care

EntreChurch is a global movement that believes in the local church and wants to see it survive and thrive. To do that, the church must be led by leaders who avoid burnout.

According to Barna, “38% of U.S. Pastors Have Thought About Quitting Full-Time Ministry in the Past Year.” We understand this and are here to help and come alongside leaders like you.

Our soul care retreats occur at a cabin on the lake in Lake Norman, NC (Charlotte), where EntreChurch Founder Greg Atkinson lives. Greg has been in ministry and leadership for three decades and has a massive heart for pastors and church leaders.

Greg ran and was on staff with Full Strength Network, where he now serves on the Advisory Board. Both ministries focus on clergy care and wellness and helping pastors avoid burnout. This is something that Greg is very passionate about.

We invite you to come to Charlotte and spend some time with Greg. You can rest, recharge, relax, have fun, and get away for a few days or a week. This is the perfect gift for a Board of Elders or Deacons to give a pastor. Spend time with Greg; he will listen and encourage you on your journey. We always have a good time in Lake Norman.

If you want to be a part of our next Soul Care Retreat, join the waiting list here.

If you lead Soul Care Retreats and want to discuss a partnership, contact us here.