Dr. Rick Bartlett

EntreChurch Academic Team Lead
Learning Experience Designer at Indiana Wesleyan University

Currently I work at Indiana Wesleyan University as a part of the Learning Experience Design
team. Our role is designing innovative learning spaces for online students.

Prior to my time at IWU, I served as an Associate Professor and the Associate Dean for the
School of Graduate Studies at Tabor College. I joined Tabor in 2012 to create and design from
scratch a fully online Ministry Entrepreneurship and Innovation MA degree.
I am also one of the co-authors of the book Consuming Youth published by Zondervan/YS
Academic (2010). One recent academic interest is the intersection of AI and humanity.
I have worked in a variety of academic and non-profit roles in California, Washington, the UK,
and Kansas. I earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in 2006 from George Fox University in
Leadership in the Emerging Culture. I travel and speak extensively and have visited over 20

My life goal is to move people forward intellectually and spiritually. I’ve been able to do this
through a variety of opportunities, as a youthworker, camp director, college professor, dean of
students, missionary, program director, pastor, and designer. I love seeing people grow in their
thinking and their walk with God. Each of these experiences has provided opportunities for me
to grow as a person and to share what I’ve learned with others in significant ways.
I have been married for 38 years and we have two adult children.